Visa Endurance

What sets VisaEndurance apart is its combination of long lasting odor control with a multitude of other performance capabilities such as, moisture management, easy care and overall comfort to the end-user.


  • Controls odors
  • Wicks perspiration away from the body
  • Dries quickly
  • Releases stains
  • Soft and breathable
  • Durable
  • Available in a range of weights and fabrics


Antimicrobial Odor Control

Smart science equals smart fabrics. VisaEndurance is a silver-based antimicrobial. It is powered by silver ions, which control the growth of odor causing bacteria and therefore keeps the fabric or the garment smelling fresh. The technology does not utilize heavy metals, rather it utilizes silver ions The silver ions are actually encased in a ceramic cage and are only released when they come in contact with human sweat.

Odor Adsorption

Antimicrobial Plus Odor Adsorption = VisaEndurance Shield. Garments made with this fabric helps keep your body odors contained in the fabric. This technology works wet or dry and adsorbs body odor for the life of the garment and doesn't need to dried or recharged. Plus, it's more breathable, more flexible and less bulky.

Moisture Management

Moisture management properties are at the top of the VisaEndurance bundled feature list. What does moisture management mean to you? It means that this fabric will help keep you dry. It does that by wicking away sweat and perspiration from your body when you are working hard or working out. In fact, this wicking property is one of the most important features in high performance apparel, because it helps to keep you comfortable in the most uncomfortable situations.

Stain Releasing

Unlike other synthetic fabrics, VisaEndurance fabrics release most stubborn stains easily in the wash. VisaEndurance is less likely to pick up other dirts and oils from the wash water, so colors tend to stay the same and do not become "grayed out" over time.


The silver ion technology used in VisaEndurance is currently being used in FDA approved medical devices, which have been deemed safe for human use.

The Environment

Milliken has also conducted its own environmental wash study to understand if VisaEndurance releases silver into the environment during home laundering. These tests show that when VisaEndurance is laundered at home it does not pose a significant threat to the environment.

Performance Products

Tee shirt loose fit garment

82% polyester 18% spandex knits for body contouring and compression.

Base layer fitted garment

82% polyester 18% spandex knits for body contouring and compression.

Garment for activewear

100% Visa® polyester moisture wicking and soil releasing knits for baseball, cheer and other uniforms.

Fabrics for outerwear

100 % Visa® polyester fabrics for a wide range of active and casual garments.

Fabrics for the medical profession

100 % polyester woven fabrics for medical scrubs and casual garments.

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